A new Android TV app for Travelxp has been launched

Travelxp, the 4K HDR travel channel, has launched its first smart TV app, Travelxp RED, which gives viewers a new way to explore its extensive travel programming library. Over 1,000 hours of ad-free travel content are available through this app, allowing fans to watch their favorite shows at any time, while also discovering new destinations and experiences through the exclusive series available only on the app.

A wide range of travel-related genres are shown on the cable network, including nature, gastronomy, culture, and adventure. There is a new level of experience that Travelxp RED will provide. Offering excellent 4K HDR quality and discounts on bookings, the OTT channel is available on Android TV.

A total of 250 unique travel stories in English, Hindi and two regional Indian languages (Tamil and Bengali) would be made available at the time of the app’s launch. When users open the app, they will always find something fresh because new material is always being added.

Travelxp, the channel’s mobile app, was released earlier this year on the App Store and Google Play Store. The 10th anniversary of the world’s leading provider of travel content has been a landmark year for the company.

Travelxp, the 4K HDR travel channel, has launched its first smart TV app

After an overwhelming response from users and a successful mobile app launch with over 50K downloads within a month, we are excited to launch our TV app on all android supported Smart TVs. With 4K content catching up with the Indian audience, we are extremely happy to be the first to provide best in class, 4K travel shows across the country. We hope to ignite the love for travel amongst all” 

Travelxp CEO, Tanay Chothani

Travelxp is more than just a television station. As a travel companion, it’s perfect. When it comes to saving money on flights, hotels, and vacations, the Travelxp RED app has it all. 7 percent off airfares and 15 percent off bookings are just some of the perks that subscribers can enjoy. As of August 31st, the app is poised to become a one-stop shop for all travel needs and desires.

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