The deepest swimming pool in the world has opened in Dubai – Deep Dive Dubai

Dubai is now home to the world’s deepest swimming pool, and photos of it have already gone viral. WIth a staggering depth of 196 ft (60 metres), the pool is part of the new Deep Dive Dubai attraction, which already houses the world’s largest mall and the world’s tallest building.

As per the reports, Guinness World Records certified the pool as ‘the deepest swimming pool for diving’ on June 27.

Guinness World Records further shared a post about the marvellous record-breaking structure. While sharing a video of the pool they added that the pool at Deep Dive Dubai in UAE is now officially opened this week. It will primarily be an indoor scuba diving facility for training and recreational purposes, with facilities for education and recreation. They further elaborated that people can play chess and table football at the bottom of the pool.

Reportedly, as of now, the facility is open by invitation only, and will open to the public later this year.

Temperature at the pool is maintained at 30 degrees Celsius, which is comfortable enough to wear a thin wetsuit or a swimsuit.

Sinking more than 60 metres downward, the mega maw has swallowed an entire suburb, full of faux abandoned apartments, a waterlogged library of sunken tomes, games room complete with working table foosball and dazzling street graffiti that still shines despite not seeing the light of day.

Further, the indoor pool is built inside a 1500 sqm oyster-shaped structure, but the highlight of Deep Dive Dubai is undoubtedly the pool’s underwater city. Reports have it that divers will be able to explore ‘abandoned’ sunken city apartments and play underwater pool in the arcade. Also, the pool comes equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and sound systems that have been fitted inside the pool to create different atmospheres.

The pool also has an underwater film studio, where a media editing room is available nearby in the facility.

Now, can it get cooler than this!Dubai is now home to world’s deepest swimming pool.


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