Option to book empty seats next to you on Emirates flights

Travel during the times of COVID is marred with apprehensions. With people across the globe trying to cope with the new normal, there are many things that are bound to change the travel scenario too. Emirates have come up with a new option to allow travelers to travel without a second thought. Reportedly, the airline is offering passengers the option to book their adjacent empty seats for additional caution during pandemic times.


Reportedly, all those traveling via Emirates, i.e., those with a confirmed economy class booking will now be able to buy up to three empty adjoining seats right before boarding their flights.

Although the seats will not be available for pre-booking, they will only be made available at the check-in counter at the airport ahead of flight departure. Reports have it that each seat will cost anywhere around $ 55 to $ 165 plus taxes, depending on the flight and availability.


As per a press release from the airline, the option has been made available to parents traveling with infants, couples who wish to have the entire row to themselves, or those who simply want the added assurance of more space while traveling during the current scenario.

This latest offer will enable passengers to get the option of having an empty seat next to them in the cabin, and help them to have more control over the odds. It might be the start of the new face of travel as the world continues to cope with COVID-19.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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