A hotel study reveals that Lisbon is the cleanest capital of Europe

Before the coronavirus pandemic, many of us never thought about sharing bathrooms or sleeping in beds where others had slept – now we are all hyperconscious about travel hygiene. With this in mind, experts at ShowersToYou.co.uk have sought to find the European capitals with the cleanest accommodation to help us plan our next getaway!


Using Airbnb, Booking.com and Tripadvisor, ShowersToYou.co.uk calculated the average cleanliness ratings of accommodation units in popular European capitals to reveal the cleanest destinations in Europe.

Where are the top 3 cleanest European capitals?
Lisbon comes in first place as the cleanest European capital with an average of 4.79 stars. Between the three websites analysed, Airbnbs in Lisbon had the highest ratings (4.89), with TripAdvisor following closely behind (4.87 stars). When looking at guest reviews, common sentiments included: “Rooms felt clean and well cared for” and “very very clean and enforced mask-wearing/hand cleaning”

Coming in second is the picturesque Prague. The medieval capital of the Czech Republic scored an average of 4.74 stars in total, with stays in Airbnbs receiving the highest cleanliness rating (4.87). With the same average rating is Zagreb in joint second with 4.74 stars.

Berlin makes the top 10 cleanest European capitals!
Berlin grabs the 10th spot alongside Athens and Budapest with an overall rating of 4.68 stars. Airbnb guests were the most satisfied with the cleanliness of their stays, rating the vibrant capital with 4.84 stars, followed by TripAdvisor (4.76 stars) and Booking.com (4.44 stars).

Where are the cleanest capitals on Airbnb?
Zagreb comes out on top with 4.93 stars on Airbnb. Some of the guest reviews describe their stay in Croatia’s capital as “sparkling clean”, “spotlessly clean”; and “immaculately clean”. Despite ranking as the sixth cleanest European capital overall, Moscow places in joint second place alongside Budapest, Madrid and Amsterdam with an average cleanliness rating on Airbnb of 4.90 stars.

Where are the cleanest capitals on Booking.com?

Again, Zagreb comes in first place as the European capital with the cleanest accommodation on Booking.com with an average of 4.67 stars. Following in second is Poland’s capital, Warsaw, with 4.62 stars and Lisbon with 4.61 stars.

Where are the cleanest capitals on TripAdvisor?
Contradicting its stereotype of being smelly and dirty, TripAdvisor users rated Paris as the city to have the cleanest stays in Europe with 4.88 stars. Lisbon claims second with cleanliness ratings of 4.87 stars. Combatting the dirty stereotype again, London makes the top 3 cleanest capitals on TripAdvisor with 4.85 stars on average.

Source: .traveldailynews.com

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