The hotel of the future. Sleep & Eat Virtual – hospitality design and business event

Europe’s leading hospitality design and business event, Sleep & Eat Virtual, has revealed an intriguing glimpse into what to expect from this year’s Sleep Sets.

A perennial favourite of the show, the concept guestroom spaces are created afresh each year to a theme which explores a topic of their time. This year, marking Sleep & Eat’s 15th anniversary, award-winning architecture and design firms are collaborating with Hotel Brand Partners to design a room for the next 15 years. Perkins and Will is partnered with Accor on the design of a room for its Mövenpick brand; AD Associates is working with IHG on a room for voco; and Chalk Architecture is collaborating with Wyndham Hotels & Resorts on a concept for the Wyndham brand. In addition, ReardonSmith Architects are creating a guestroom for Heya, a hotel group yet to be launched, working in collaboration with students from Glion Institute of Higher Education and Hotelschool The Hague led by the directors of hotel creative consultancy, HoCoSo, and branded by Delight Lifestyle Brand Agency.

ReardonSmith Architects x Glion Institute of Higher Education & Hotelschool The Hague
By 2035, luxury will no longer be defined by just the level of service or materialistic items in a room, but rather by the level of personalisation. Generation Z seeks ease in everyday life and for this to be reflected in their hotel room of choice. ReardonSmith Architects have teamed up with HoCoSo, Delight Lifestyle Brand Agency and students from some of the world’s leading hospitality schools to provide Generation Z with the most seamless stay yet. Together with Suited Interior Designs and Elektra Lighting, the perfect multi-functional 5* hotel room has come to life, redefining luxury. The room that knows you better than yourself – Heya.” says Jonny Sin, Director, ReardonSmith Architects.

Key suppliers include: SmartComm (AV/IT technology); MeshMade (3D Visuals).

Chalk Architecture x Wyndham Hotels & Resorts
“Gen Z are a generation who question the status quos of society. They question what previous generations accepted as “just what you do”, from what a job is, to when, how and who to marry, to what they spend money on – fundamental societal structures. The key to the future success of any business or space is to challenge what is expected. Why does a hotel room have a bed, a bathroom and desk? In fact, what is a bed? What are walls? Do we need towels to dry? How will our future selves define experiential desires? Wyndham Hotels & Resorts working with cutting edge design graduates from UWL and ground-breaking research/teaching practice Desitecture, together with Chalk Architecture and hotel brand consultant Hotel Hussy are exploring the DNA of the hotel bedroom experience” says Paul Nicholson, Director, Chalk Architecture.

AD Associates x IHG
“The AD / voco guestroom of 2035 will be flexible and it will be personal.  It will tell a different story to everyone who stays. It will be sustainable, as standard. No longer a debate or discussion topic, sustainability will be ingrained in hospitality and travel culture. It will be the norm. The room will carve itself a new identity for each guest, so they feel appreciated. It won’t just be somewhere to leave your luggage and get a good night’s sleep. Through the effective integration of personalisation, the room will not only enhance the trip but be a memorable part of the trip as well” said Chris Finch, CEO and Founder, AD Associates

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Key suppliers include dpa lighting consultants.

Perkins and Will x Accor
“A transformable design helps the guest unhook from the stresses and strains of daily life and travel, enabling them to re-connect with nature through mindfulness. This will guide them towards an understanding of mental and physical well-being whilst remaining environmentally conscious, cocooned by the small indulgences of Mövenpick’s world famous generosity” said Neil Andrew, Head of Hospitality, Perkins and Will.

Innovative walk-throughs designed by Fumo Studio will allow visitors to explore each of the guestroom Sets in detail, pause to learn more about a specific feature, hear from the designers and link through to the suppliers via their computer, phone or tablet. Visitors will also be able to experience a concept hotel   lobby, cocktail bar, restaurant, networking lounge and lounge bar via walk-throughs using the same interface.

Sleep & Eat Virtual will take place on 17-19 November.

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