New Health and Safety Protocols

We know that travellers are concerned about hygiene and safety. That is why took steps to collect health and cleanliness guidelines – both from our industry health and safety experts as well as partners from all over the world – to support travellers on their journey and to ensure they are safe, healthy and protected.
On, all accommodation partners have the opportunity to inform travellers of hygiene, health and safety measures implemented at a property to keep travellers comfortable and safe. These measures are displayed to all travellers browsing through the website and app. They offer an extra level of reassurance for travellers, as well as give accommodation partners the opportunity to highlight the measures properties are taking to respond to the pandemic.

Accommodation providers can display a wide range of options, some of which include:

  • Safety features and cleaning:
    • Whether accommodations offer hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes or follow specific local regulations, indicating these will help inspire guest confidence.
  • Physical distancing:
    • Highlight contactless check-in and check-out, cashless payment, or other ways that accommodation partners are helping guests maintain social distance.
  • Food safety:
    • Point out changes in their operational practices that are designed to support food safety for in-room and public dining. Travel offer Deal

Please also keep these helpful guidelines in mind:

  • Always follow the government and property safety measures
  • In case of symptoms linked to Covid-19 identified before the check-in or during the stay at the accommodation, travellers should isolate themselves and inform the property
  • When applicable, travellers are encouraged to register themselves on the local track and trace app if mandated by local authorities
  • Travellers should report any incident by contacting the’s Customer Service Department via phone, email or chat or in the case of business travel, please inform your TMC immediately. Travel offer Deal

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