Reach Paris from Amsterdam in 90 minutes? It is hyperloop future of travel and the end of the planes?!

Swifter than trains, safer than cars and far less damaging to the environment than planes, the Dutch province of North Holland believes the hyperloop might be the future.

A study carried out by a Dutch technology startup, Hardt Hyperloop, in collaboration with the province, has found the hyperloop couldreduce commuting times from Amsterdam to Paris, Brussels, Düsseldorf or Frankfurt from “hours to minutes”, boasting that “borders would, quite literally, become blurred”.

Credits: HARDT

Jeroen Olthof, the deputy responsible for mobility in North Holland, said he had been impressed by the possibility of creating a “compact region” of five European cities in which commuters could travel door-to-door within an hour.

But hyper what? Some kind of train? In a tube? Check out this introduction to hyperloop:

Hardt was one of the first hyperloop companies in the world and has created a network of partners that are working towards the first hyperloop route. Combining the expertise of top-notch business developers, engineers, and designers, they are setting up a program that not only delivers the hyperloop to Europe but is also focused on creating a new, local industry.

The steel hyperloop tubes can be built either above or underground.

Credits: HARDT

Whether over a grassy field, or under a park, any noise that is generated is suppressed by the tube, making the hyperloop less noisy than departing and landing airplanes, conventional cars on highways, or electric trains.

The hub contains various design choices that make traveling and commuting efficient for the transport systems itself and those utilizing the system.It is more than just a station, it is a transport eco-system envisioned together with HARDT’s partner UNStudio and visualized by Plomp

Credits: HARDT

The design of the hub is optimized to reduce embarking and disembarking times of the vehicles. This way the vehicles can leave and arrive every few minutes for others to get to their destinations on time.

The various aspects of the vehicle are designed with safety and comfort in mind. This is true for the seating layout and doors, the lighting inside the vehicle, the various features included in the vehicle, and of course the overall size of the vehicle.

The vehicle is spacious with various seating arrangements, while there is a vehicle exit every number of seats.

Credits: HARDT

Vehicles will arrive and depart every several minutes so it is not necessary to squeeze every single passenger into a vehicle or to rush to get into a specific one.

So … will there be no more planes or trains? Is this the future of travel ?!

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