Koh Samui Island in Thailand might soon run out of water

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One of Thailand’s most well-known tourist attractions, Koh Samui, is currently experiencing a severe water deficit. According to reports, there won’t be much water left after 30 days. Water is pouring out of the resorts at the vacation spot, which is causing a decline in guests.

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According to reports, authorities are exerting every effort to prevent the island, known for its historic hotels, white sandy beaches, and opulent resorts, from becoming a “disaster zone.”

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Additionally, numerous water reserves, including the Hin Lad waterfall, the Phuru Kraud and Phru Na Mueang reservoirs, have seen a noticeable decline in their water levels, which has exacerbated the freshwater issue.
Conservation initiatives are essential for sustainability as the island struggles to maintain a water supply due to an increase in visitors and little rainfall. Sutham Samthong, the island’s deputy mayor, made reference to the critical issue and asked both locals and visitors to utilize water wisely.

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What is the cause of this?
When the waters in the eastern Pacific Ocean become exceptionally warm, the El Nio phenomenon, a climate trend, occurs, which might likely further compound the island’s drinking-water difficulties in the upcoming months.

Only the next 30 days’ worth of water supplies, according to locals. Additionally, as the island struggles with a lack of water, even the resorts in this popular tourist destination are dealing with depleting water supplies.
Due to this, the island is further seeing a reduction in tourists, which exacerbates the problems already experienced by the locals.

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Popular tourist location Koh Samui is known for its numerous walking paths, gorgeous beaches, and rainforest safaris. Records show that it receives about 2.7 million visitors each year, a number whose future may be impacted by the ongoing water difficulties.

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