In 2024, Notre Dame in Paris is expected to reopen to the public

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The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is set to reopen to visitors and Catholic masses at the end of 2024.

Less than six years will have passed since the horrific fire that destroyed the building’s roof.

Currently, the restoration effort is on schedule to fulfill the December 2024 reopening target set by president Emmanuel Macron soon after the fire. Regrettably, it won’t be completely ready in time for the summer 2024 Olympics in Paris.

“My job is to be ready to open this cathedral in 2024 – and we will do it. We are fighting every day for that and we are on a good path.”

General Georgelin, the army general in charge of the reconstruction project
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The cathedral will be open to the public, but it “doesn’t mean that all the renovation work will be done,” according to Cultural Minister Abdul-Malak. He continued, “Some renovation work will still be ongoing in 2025.”

Notre Dame cathedral’s reconstruction

The Parisian icon’s reconstruction has been a tremendous undertaking. After more than two years of effort to stabilize and protect the monument so that workers could begin repairing it, it started in 2022. The masterwork of Gothic art from the 12th century will be rebuilt in the same manner as before, according to the authorities. This includes re-creating the 96-meter-tall spire that Eugene Viollet-le-Duc created in the 19th century.

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This year, the iconic cathedral centerpiece, which was destroyed in the fire, will emerge above the memorial as a potent sign of its resurgence.

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General Georgelin asserts that the spire’s reappearance in the Parisian sky will serve as a sign that the battle of Notre Dame has been won.

Every day, over 1,000 individuals from all over France are reportedly working on the restoration of Notre Dame.

The framework, the painting, the stones, the vault, the organ, the stained glass, and many other tasks are still to be completed, according to Georgelin.

A new Notre Dame exhibit

The exhibition “Notre-Dame de Paris: at the Heart of the Construction Site” honors the hundreds of artisans who are working on the reconstruction. It opens in Paris today (March 7th).

The exhibit is free to enter and is located in an underground facility in front of the cathedral.

It highlights ongoing restoration efforts at the cathedral, artisan workers’ expertise and skills, and some works of art rescued from the fire.

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