The Ukraine war has brought the “Doomsday Clock” closer than ever to midnight

Earth has gotten closer to Armageddon with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war, according to a nonprofit that promotes science, bringing its infamous “Doomsday Clock” up to just 90 seconds before midnight.

Elbegdorj Tsakhia, a former president of Mongolia, stated at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists annual statement estimating how close mankind is to doing itself in on Tuesday, “We are really closer to that Armageddon.” Scientists joined him and former Irish President Mary Robinson to highlight what they see as a confluence of numerous existential concerns, with Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s actions and words being the primary one.

“People and scientists are warning us and we have to wake up now,” he said.

Using a Doomsday clock to represent the potential and likelihood of individuals doing something to terminate mankind, the advocacy group was founded in 1947. It brought the clock 10 seconds closer to striking 12 than it did last year, which is the closest it has ever been. Since the end of the Cold War, there have been up to 17 minutes until midnight, but in recent years, the organization has switched from counting down the minutes to counting down the seconds.

President of the Bulletin Rachel Bronson stated at the online release that “we are sending a statement that the situation is growing more critical.” “Crises are more likely to occur, and they have wider-ranging impacts that last longer.”

The group also claimed that it was disclosing the clock movement in the Russian and Ukrainian languages for the first time, underscoring the impact that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had on the timeline for theoretical apocalypse.

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“Putin has repeatedly raised the specter of nuclear use. Putin has given no indication that he’s willing to accept defeat,” Fetter said. “He might make desperate moves if no other options are available that he regards as acceptable.”

Steve Fetter, dean of the graduate school and a public policy professor at the University of Maryland

Other existential threats to humanity mentioned by scientists and activists at the Bulletin announcement included the proliferation of nuclear weapons in China, Iran’s expansion of uranium enrichment, North Korea’s missile tests, future pandemics from animal diseases, pathogens from lab errors, “disruptive technologies,” and a worsening of climate change.

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