Making a second private SpaceX starship orbit of the moon, humanity will become multiplanetary

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According to corporate representatives, SpaceX’s recently revealed tourist mission to the moon for private starship, might let humans leave a significant impact far beyond Earth.

In that expedition, which was announced today (Oct. 12), billionaire entrepreneur Dennis Tito, his wife Akiko, and 10 other people will travel around the moon for a week onboard SpaceX’s massive Starship spacecraft, which is still under construction. Only the Titos currently have reserved seats, thus it is unknown who the other 10 passengers will be.

This particularity is crucial and distinctive: The other two SpaceX-planned private crewed Starship missions were each completely purchased by a millionaire. As part of his Polaris program, the founder of Shift4 Payments, Jared Isaacman, is funding the still-mysterious first Starship human flight, and in 2018, a Japanese e-commerce executive named Yusaku Maezawa bought a Starship mission called dearMoon that will take him and a small group of other people around Earth’s nearest neighbor.

Starship mission called dearMoon
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“Having a mission like this on our manifest expands what’s possible,” Aarti Matthews, director of Starship cargo and crew programs at SpaceX, said during a call with reporters today, referring to the Titos’ coming flight.

“Humanity’s expansion to other planets is SpaceX’s aim. Thinking about how to make spaceflight truly accessible to a group of individuals who haven’t previously been able to take advantage of that chance is one way to go about doing so “Added she. “This mission is a significant step in that direction because it now allows you to purchase a single seat rather than the entire expedition. That is a significant cost savings for a single person.”

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The Titos acknowledge this possibility and express excitement and honor at the opportunity to usher in a new era of spaceflight.

Dennis Tito, who in 2001 became the first paying customer to visit the International Space Station, said on today’s call that it was exciting to know that their voyage would be the second Starship commercial mission around the moon and one of several that may help create a deep space program.

He remarked of Starship, “This initiative may prove to be one of the most significant achievements in the six million years of human existence.”


The cost of the couple’s seats has not been made public by SpaceX or the Titos. Although Matthews stated that the Titos journey will launch after the Polaris Starship mission and dearMoon, as well as a significant number of uncrewed Starship flights to hoist SpaceX Starlink satellites and other cargo, a target launch date has not yet been disclosed.

The Starship rocket comprises of a massive first-stage booster named Super Heavy and an upper-stage spacecraft with a height of 165 feet (50 meters). Although the vehicle is still being developed, a significant achievement may occur within the next few weeks. SpaceX is preparing for the first-ever orbital test flight for the program, which will use a Super Heavy prototype named Booster 7 and a Starship known as Ship 24.

On Tuesday (Oct. 11), SpaceX stacked the duo on the orbital launch mount at Starbase, the company’s South Texas facility.

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