London and Stockholm are connected by a new sleeper train in just one day

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Passengers will be able to travel from London to Stockholm in under 24 hours thanks to a brand-new sleeper train.

The EuroNight service, which is scheduled to launch in September, will ferry travelers between the Swedish capital and Hamburg, Germany. By combining it with already-existing Eurostar and Deutsche Bahn services, the distance between Stockholm and London will be covered by rail in about one day.

The EuroNight train is powered entirely by renewable energy, as Swedish operator SJ only uses hydropower and wind turbines. Drivers will also employ ‘freewheeling’ techniques to conserve energy.

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So buckle up – here’s everything you need to know about the brand new train route connecting Sweden and the United Kingdom.

What exactly is the EuroNight service?

The EuroNight train will run from Hamburg to Stockholm, stopping in Copenhagen along the way. It will be operated by the Swedish railway company SJ. The service covers 1080 kilometers and takes approximately 12 hours.
The train will have a number of pricing options. If you’re on a tight budget, choose a standard seat or a shared four-to-six-berth couchette. Looking to splurge? You can reserve a private ‘deluxe’ sleeper compartment with your own sink, shower, and toilet.

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Breakfast boxes will be provided for this latter option, with views of the Swedish landscape from the window.

You’ll also drink your coffee with a clear conscience. The new Swedish train is entirely powered by renewable energy, making it an environmentally friendly alternative to fuel-guzzling planes.

Train drivers are also encouraged to ‘freewheel.’ This entails turning off the engine and allowing the carriages to move forward based on their own momentum.

According to European Environment Agency data, where air travel emits 252.8 grams of CO2 per kilometer traveled, rail travel emits only 22.4 grams.

How do you get to Stockholm from London by train?

The new service allows British adventurers access to Scandinavia as well. Before, travelers from London had to spend the night in a European city before boarding a train the following day to Sweden.

Passengers can complete the full journey in less than 24 hours using this new overnight route.

Starting in London, you can ride the Eurostar, which takes around two hours, to Brussels. To be safe, plan to take the early Eurostar (08:16am) to guarantee your arrival before to noon.

You must take a train to Hamburg-Altona from Brussels Midi Station, changing at Cologne HbF. It will take about seven hours to complete this leg of the journey.

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You take a first-rate German ICE train with a restaurant car, power outlets at every seat, and free WiFi to get from Brussels to Cologne. Then take a luxurious intercity train with a cafe car from Cologne to Hamburg, suggests popular travel website The Man in Seat 61.

The brand-new sleeper train from Hamburg to Stockholm will be available soon. A day after you first left, the 9:55pm service will get to Stockholm about 12 hours later.

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