Digital nomads can now work from Bali with a 5-year visa

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Indonesia is hoping to attract people from all over the world with a 5-year visa for Bali for digital nomads.

The COVID-19 pandemic has given rise to a new type of work culture known as ‘work-from-home.’ While thousands of businesses around the world are transitioning to a new work model, several countries’ travel and tourism departments are attempting to entice such visitors by offering a variety of appealing remote-work-from-home opportunities.

Following in the footsteps of Spain, Estonia, and Venice, Indonesia, a popular beach destination, has implemented a visa program for people working from home. The Asian country is well-known for its beautiful beaches and unforgettable Bali vacations. Bali will try to entice longer-staying and higher-spending visitors back to its islands by instituting this visa.

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5-year visa Bali visa

According to, Bali will soon issue a five-year digital nomads visa. Now that several Bali attractions and beaches are gradually reopening to overseas visitors, the government is looking for ways to bring back tourists in order to boost the local economy.

As of now, the Indonesian government has lifted nearly all major travel restrictions, including quarantine. The country also lifted the last of its RT-PCR requirements on May 18. And, with a growing number of global corporations adopting a “work from anywhere” policy, this appears to be an ideal time for digital nomads to work from anywhere.

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Sandiaga Uno, Indonesia’s Tourism Minister, commented on the situation, saying that sporting events, a five-year visa program, and ecological tourism are being developed for remote workers. According to forecasts, 3.6 million (almost 36 lakh) international tourists will return to the beach country as a result of these activities.
“This should contribute to the creation of over 1 million (10 lakh) jobs for Indonesians,” he said.

The government has stated that digital nomads will be exempt from paying taxes as long as they earn money outside of their home country. The tax exemption argument will definitely attract attention.

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