SamBoat, a boat rental platform, is expanding to the United States

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With the commencement of operations in the United States, SamBoat, the fast-growing boat rental platform, announces further global development.

SamBoat, which already operates in 76 countries and offers the biggest selection of boats on the market, will open a presence in Florida in order to expand further in the US market.

Customers can browse thousands of peer-reviewed listings in seconds and book the right boating trip at the greatest price thanks to SamBoat’s easy-to-use platform. SamBoat is a customer-centric company that blends cutting-edge technology with a really personal approach, with friendly specialists on hand to offer assistance and guidance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers may then relax, knowing that they will enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience on a boat of the finest caliber.

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The United States has the world’s largest boating market, with an estimated 87.3 million people participating in boating activities. With few existing boat rental platforms in the United States, SamBoat is attempting to position itself as the ‘Airbnb for boats,’ and to remain the primary port of call for online boat leasing.

With a coastline of almost 2,000 km, more than 4,500 islands and lakes that stretch as far as the eye can see, Florida is the state of choice for boating, yet Laurent Calando, CEO and Co-founder of SamBoat, says: “No major competitor has so far really capitalised on the Florida and US market. SamBoat is one of the largest boat rental platforms in the world, getting over 300,000 people out to sea every year. We’re fully primed to ensure we can meet the huge demand for boating in the US.”

SamBoat plans to offer a fleet of over 2,000 boats by 2023, with 200 boats accessible for booking on its website in the United States, including 130 in Florida.

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Sarah Briquet has been appointed as the new Director of SamBoat US to help the company expand in the United States. Sarah began her work in the digital industry in both France and the United States after earning a master’s degree in marketing from INSEEC Business School in Paris.

“I am thrilled to have been appointed SamBoat’s US Director and am looking forward to expanding this innovative and fast-growing brand in the US market. For a long time, boating and yachting has been seen as the pastime of the rich and famous, but we know that this year people want to be more adventurous and to do and see more. I’m excited  to embark on the quest to get more people out on the water, enjoying the fantastic boats we have to offer on SamBoat.”

Sarah Briquet, the new Director of SamBoat US.

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