Bangkok has been named the greatest city in the world for luxury vacations on a budget

People often look forward to a luxurious overseas trip, but the money is an important factor to consider while organizing one. Luxurious resorts, world-class services, and automobile rentals, for example, all come with a hefty price tag. Bangkok, Thailand’s capital, has been dubbed “luxury backpacking heaven” by the British website

According to the survey, Bangkok is the world’s most cheap city for a premium tourist experience. Bangkok has the best car rentals, premium resorts/hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, and best-in-class services.
According to the website, a one-day premium car rental (Mercedes-Benz) in Bangkok costs $59 (INR 4588), while a nice dining experience costs roughly $150 (INR 11665). Those looking to stay in a 5-star hotel in this city will have to pay just $295 (INR 22942), which is a bargain. Of course, Bangkok has several fantastic resorts, hotels, and villas where visitors can stay without breaking the bank!

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On the list of the most affordable cities for a luxurious trip on a budget, Brussels came in second. Belgium’s capital city is known around the world for its chocolate and handcrafted beer. It is also Europe’s most affordable travel destination, with a five-star hotel stay costing roughly $680. (INR 52884). A luxury car rental in Brussels may set you back $150 (INR 11665) per day.
Verona, an Italian city, was ranked third in the research; the lovely city has the second-lowest average cost for a spa hotel, at $177 (INR 13765) per night.

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