Japan travel regulations require masks and medical insurance

According to the most recent developments, foreign visitors to Japan will be required to have private medical insurance, wear masks, and be accompanied throughout their stay. The government recently announced its intention to gradually reopen after two years of COVID-19 restrictions.

According to news reports, only visitors on tour packages will be permitted to enter during the first phase of reopening, which begins on June 10. In response, the Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) stated that travel agency guides accompanying visitors will ensure that visitors always wear their masks. According to the JTA’s guidelines, tour guides should frequently remind tour participants of necessary infection prevention measures, such as wearing and removing masks, at each stage of the tour.

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Even when they are outside, visitors should wear masks and should continue to wear them in situations where people are conversing in close proximity.
As the majority of countries ease up on COVID restrictions, Japan is following suit. Japan’s Prime Minister, Fumio Kishida, has pledged to bring border controls in line with those of other wealthy countries.

According to reports, the Japanese government recently relaxed mask guidelines for the general public; however, wearing masks was common in Japan even before the pandemic to prevent germ spread and pollen.

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According to reports, Japan also conducted ‘test tours’ of groups of around 50 people, mostly travel agents, last month; however, one of the participants tested positive for COVID. One of the travel agents who participated in the test tours stated that the rules would likely deter some people for the time being.

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