It is expected that Italy will issue Digital Nomad Visas to remote workers in the near future

With COVID-19, many people have made working from home a lifestyle, allowing them to log in from anywhere in the world; these people are now known as Digital Nomads. According to recent developments, remote workers will soon be able to work remotely from Italy, as it becomes the latest country to join the list of WFH-friendly countries.

According to reports, in January, a government decree known as ‘Decreto Sostegni-ter’ was introduced; the decree was recently voted into law. Although the term “Digital Nomads” does not appear in the bill, it is intended to attract visitors from non-EU countries who carry out highly qualified work activities using technological tools and who are able to work remotely, autonomously, or for a company that is not located on the Italian state’s territory.

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In response, Luca Carabetta, an Italian parliament member from the Five Star Movement party, stated that the requirements for remote workers will be the availability of suitable housing, adequate income, health insurance, and a clean criminal record. However, no specifics about some of these requirements or their implementation have been defined. It should also be noted that remote workers will be required to meet a minimum income requirement, though the exact amount has not yet been disclosed.

Georgia, Malta, Antigua and Barbuda, Portugal, Dominica, and other countries have already implemented long-term visas and permits for visitors.

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