A new virtual travel platform from Virtually Visiting

Experts in virtual travel Virtually Visiting is pleased to announce the launch of a new way to travel the world from the comfort of your own home. Travel enthusiasts can now use the professionally guided 360° Virtual Reality tour platform to travel around the world in 360°, from the Arctic North to the coast of South Africa. The 20-minute tours can be viewed as an introduction to future travel experiences, a sampler for numerous tour options, or a refresher for previous travels.

Virtually Visiting has released a new professionally guided 360° virtual travel platform.

Virtually Visiting is a new virtual travel website, a digital platform that combines travel and virtual reality to provide a 360-degree video virtual travel experience. A team of virtual reality travel experts collaborated with professional tour guides from 55 tour companies in 30 countries to create a library of immersive 360° virtual tours and travel experience, with itineraries curated and led by the guides themselves. The programs range virtual travel tours from city tours to kayaking expeditions. Visitors can look around and focus on whatever catches their eye, just like on a real-life tour, while accompanied by their tour guide. The tours are an immersive, laid-back way to try out a variety of tours in a variety of countries without committing to a large price tag.

A new professionally guided 360° virtual travel platform from Virtually Visiting

To kick off the program, Virtually Visiting is providing a free, innovative eight-minute whistle-stop tour of eight countries. The platform’s full-length travels will be introduced with a free in-depth tour of India, with a new video going live each day following the launch.

“It’s our online, anytime version of ‘Around the World in Eighty Days. But here you can do the same in eight minutes”

Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel and Virtually Visiting

Acknowledging the value and professionalism of the tour guides leading these new programs, all proceeds will be shared equally with the guides, similar to how guests would pay for the guides’ knowledge and expertise in real life.

Virtual travel has become highly desirable due to changing border restrictions and health concerns, filling in a void and a desire by people to see the world and enjoy new experiences. Cooper adds, “Virtually Visiting is a truly immersive experience. While watching, you feel like you are really there, spinning around trying to take everything in. You can watch each tour again and again because with a 360° virtual tour you can see something new every time.”

Viewers can also add journal entries and plan future real-life trips as an added bonus. Visitors will create a Virtual Passport in which they will collect stamps indicating where they have traveled virtually, allowing them to return at any time and providing access to free and paid tours.

“Virtual tourism is an exciting way for people to experience the world and something we believe will add to the richness of the travel industry and traveling community. We are not here to replace real travel but rather to provide a new, exciting way to merge the physical with digital technology while also supporting the travel industry.”

Jonny Cooper, founder of Off the Map Travel and Virtually Visiting

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