The top 20 destinations that rely on Russian tourists the most

Mabrian Technologies, a tourism intelligence platform, has created a map depicting the top 20 countries that rely the most on Russian tourism in terms of air connectivity.

These countries’ tourism sectors will be impacted in the coming months if the crisis between Russia and Ukraine worsens, given that an impact is expected across Europe.

This information was gathered based on air capacity and the number of seats available on scheduled flights departing from Russia over the next six months (staring February 24).

The top 20 destinations with the most dependency on Russian tourism

The country with the most scheduled flights and seats from Russia, as shown in the graph, is Turkey, which has nearly 2 million tickets scheduled for the next six months. Ukraine, Uzbekistan, the United Arab Emirates, and Tajikistan follow. Germany, Greece, Egypt, and Cyprus are also among the top ten destinations based on Russian travelers, with Spain ranking 18th.

The top 20 destinations with the most dependency on Russian tourism: ukraine
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“A new instability puts Europe’s tourism recovery at risk when it seemed that we had overcome the crisis caused by Covid19. This is just another example that the only constant is instability and that destinations and tourism companies must have up-to-date information to analyze and act quickly to threats and opportunities”

Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mabrian

“Turkey and Greece are two important tourist destinations in southern Europe and, at the same time, are among the most dependent on the Russian market. It is possible that these, in the coming weeks, will have to increase their efforts to attract tourists from other markets, demonstrate greater competition and lower prices to counteract a possible decrease in tourism from Russia.” 

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