The Czech Republic was just the awardee of the Safe Travels Stamp

The Czech Republic has been awarded the international mark “Safe Travels Stamp” by the World Tourism & Travel Council (WTTC), indicating that it is a safe destination. The CzechTourism National Tourism Office applied for the mark for the Czech Republic, which developed a set of preventive safety and hygiene recommendations for individual tourism sectors based on documents from the Czech Chamber of Commerce, professional associations, and the Czech Ministry of Health.

It’s great that today’s World Tourism Day is celebrated by the Czech Republic with the Safe Travels Stamp. I believe that the status of a safe tourist destination, by which the Czech Republic and Czech companies meeting Safe Travels standards will present themselves abroad, will bring other foreign tourists to the Czech Republic

Klára Dostálová, Minister for Regional Development

From 1 October 2021, tourism entrepreneurs and associations can apply for the Safe Travels mark using the registration form on the CzechTourism agency’s website. You will also find recommendations and the resulting principles, rules, and conditions for using the Safe Travels mark for individual industries (for example, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, saunas, swimming pools, golf courses, cinemas, cable cars, and others), which you agree to by submitting the form. The Safe Travels mark is granted and used at no cost. Compliance with legally binding health and hygiene standards in operations and businesses will be audited by an external supplier using mystery shopping.

Like the Open forever initiative, the Safe Travels Stamp is based on a system of self-regulation. Both our projects will help not only to remain open forever, but also to attract foreign tourists. If you look at the booking portals today, you will see that some hotels already have the Safe Travels mark embedded in their profiles. Therefore, I believe that obtaining the mark will be an important competitive advantage for Czech entrepreneurs. “

Jan Herget, director of CzechTourism
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The Safe Travels stamp is an award given to destinations and businesses all over the world that have adopted the global standardized SafeTravels recommendation in the field of health and hygiene. This symbol will assist travelers in identifying countries and businesses around the world that have adopted these globally standardized’safe travel’ standards.

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The World Tourism Council is the world’s foremost authority on tourism’s economic and social benefits. The World Travel and Tourism Council promotes the sustainable growth of the tourism industry by collaborating with governments and international organizations to create jobs, promote exports, and prosperity. The Council’s members are the presidents, CEOs, and presidents of the world’s leading private tourism companies.

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