Vaccines for travel in these countries have an expiration date

When it comes to international travel, two European countries have established expiration dates for vaccines. It’s the latest move in an ever-changing travel scene.

Vaccines are valid for 270 days in Croatia and Austria, which also welcome American tourists. That’s a little more than nine months for each country’ To enter the countries with proof of vaccination, travelers must show that it has been less than 270 days after their second dosage.

A PCR or antigen test done within 72 hours of travel will suffice for entry into Croatia without quarantine, according to the Croatian authorities. Alternately, passengers can provide documentation that they were infected with COVI

Those traveling to Croatia must additionally provide proof of pre-paid lodging.

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When it comes to Americans, the Vienna National Tourist Office says the country accepts travelers from the U.S. who can prove that they’ve been immunized or have COVID-19 antibodies, or that they’ve had a negative PCR test within 72 hours of their arrival. Tests on children under the age of 12 are not required.

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The European Union has removed the United States from its list of safe places, proposing that member states apply travel restrictions on unvaccinated American tourists, while both countries continue to welcome Americans.

When and how booster injections of immunizations should be administered are contentious topics around the world, including the United States. In general, vaccine efficacy has declined from 39 percent to 84 percent as a result of the development of the delta variation, according to a CDC doctor who spoke to a committee on Monday.

CNBC stated that the United States has delivered almost 1 million booster doses, which are currently permitted for people with impaired immune systems.


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