Starting next summer, Venice will charge an entrance fee and require reservations.

Bloomberg reported that Venice, Italy, which is a hugely popular tourist attraction, plans to start charging travelers for entry and limiting daily visits in summer 2022.

One of the world’s most popular tourist sites, Venice, plans to require day visitors to make reservations in advance. According to Italian news agency La Stampa, it will also likely erect turnstiles at crucial access points to the historical center to monitor attendance.

It had been discussed for years how to handle the influx of tourists into the delicate area before the epidemic, which shut down tourism for months in 2020.

Residents and municipal authorities got a taste of how quiet their city could be, with the lagoon waters clearing, animals returning, and local living being given the freedom to grow at that time. ” After COVID-19, it became even more evident that tourist numbers needed to be limited in order to safeguard the quality of life for both people and visitors.

By forbidding huge cruise ships from mooring in its delicate lagoon, Venice took a first step toward curbing tourism activities that have a negative impact on the city. Since there is no specialized cruise terminal in the works, cruise ships and other large boats are being redirected to dock at Marghera’s industrial port on the mainland.

Venice’s entrance price is anticipated to range between €3 (currently $3.51) to €10 (currently $11.69), depending on the season and the number of visitors expecting that day, according to the Venice Tourism Board. People living in the city or who have made hotel arrangements in the city are likely to be excused from paying the entrance fee.

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Visitors being charged to see landmarks remains controversial. “Venice would be transformed into a theme park,” claimed city councilor Marco Gasparinetti. It was his idea that access be limited to notably congested places, such as St. Mark’s Square, instead of the entire city of Venice.

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