After a Kabul-Delhi flight is canceled, Afghanistan’s airspace has been closed.

Overflights are also prohibited in Afghanistan, based on the latest reports. In order to avoid Afghan airspace, nonstop Air India flights from the US to India are being diverted. The flights have been diverted to Doha or the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for now.

The situation in Afghanistan is deteriorating at an alarming rate, and it is impossible to predict what the future will bring. Social media is flooded with videos of people rushing to get a seat on an airplane. While Air India was forced to cancel flights between Delhi and Kabul as a result of the ongoing confusion. The Afghanistan Civil Aviation Authority made the announcement on Monday morning (ACAA). Kabul airspace is uncontrolled, according to the ACAA.

Since the airspace is closed, international flights are bound to suffer. Vistara’s Delhi-London flights no longer fly over Afghanistan, according to the airline’s announcement. Delhi to the west will no longer require flights to take longer routes.

According to a spokesperson for Air India, the Afghan airspace has been declared uncontrolled by the government. As a result, the Kabul flight was canceled. Alternate routes for another affected flight that needed to overfly Afghanistan are being worked out.

There has been a cancellation of ir India flight 244 from Kabul to Delhi scheduled for August 16. The flight, which was scheduled to return to Delhi, was said to be fully booked.


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