The world’s largest aquarium is set to open at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi on Yas Island.

With the help of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, Abu Dhabi’s leading curator of magnetic experiences, Miral announced significant progress on the construction of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the next generation of marine life theme parks and Yas Island’s latest mega-development, which is scheduled to open in 2019. The marine-life park, which will include the world’s largest and most expansive marine aquarium as well as the new Yas SeaWorld Research and Rescue Center, is currently 64 percent finished.

Recent major construction milestones include the completion of the primary steel erection and the near completion of the marine-life park’s envelope enclosure, which is scheduled for completion in 2022. On the structure’s façade, as well as the park’s acrylic panels, work is currently in progress.

It will be home to the world’s largest and most expansive marine-life aquarium, with 25 million litres of water and over 68,000 marine animals, including sharks, schools of fish, manta rays and sea turtles, once it is completed. Its “Endless Vista”, a 20-meter-high vertical window that spans multiple levels, will be a major attraction for aquarium visitors.

Basing its expertise on that of SeaWorld’s, Yas Research and Rescue Center will serve as a knowledge hub for indigenous Gulf and marine life ecosystems. An adjacent aquarium and theme park will house the first dedicated marine research, rescue, and rehabilitation and return center in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Research, rescue, conservation and education will be integrated into SeaWorld’s ongoing efforts. Researchers and researchers will showcase their work at the Research and Rescue Center, which is open to visitors by appointment only. The center will also offer educational programs for local, national, or international schools, as well as tour groups.

We are delighted to be partnering with SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment in developing this next generation marine life park, that is set to feature the world’s largest marine aquarium and the UAE’s first dedicated research center to study and care for animals. This is another major addition to Yas Island’s existing immersive experiences and attractions, and a testament to achieving our vision of positioning the island as a top global tourism destination for residents and visitors alike.”

Mohamed Abdalla Al Zaabi, CEO of Miral

There is a wide variety of animals at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, making it one of the most diverse marine-life parks in the world. In the “Endless Ocean” themed aquarium, guests can get a sense of the vastness of the marine display, and it’s part of the “One Ocean” experience, which connects six different realms of the marine-life park. There will be an increase in the park’s ability to simulate different species living in harmony, as they would in the wild, thanks to the “One Ocean” storyline.” As a result of immersive storytelling techniques and the latest cutting-edge technologies, guests will be encouraged to explore these natural underwater environments, further deepening their appreciation and understanding of ocean life.

We are honored to partner with Miral to bring SeaWorld’s unforgettable guest experiences and our important mission to Yas Island and the region. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi joins our North American parks in our mission and commitment to conservation efforts worldwide. We have hundreds of professionals focused on animal care, rescue and rehabilitation, conservation education, habitat protection, and species research and we are excited to see the Yas SeaWorld® Research and Rescue Center further expand SeaWorld’s positive global impact with the vitally important marine life conservation efforts in the region.”

Marc Swanson, CEO of SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi’s design takes advantage of SeaWorld’s more than 55 years of experience in marine research, conservation, and animal welfare.

As a result of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, Miral’s vision to make Yas Island one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations has been furthered. Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld, Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, and CLYMB Abu Dhabi are just a few of the island’s world-first and record-breaking attractions.

Further details will be announced at a later date. Both Miral and SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment are committed to exploring long-term sustainability goals for the mega-development.

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