Singapore is expected to allow quarantine-free travel beginning in September.

Singapore will most likely allow quarantine-free travel for those who have been fully immunized against COVID-19 beginning in September, says Tighter restrictions for residents who have been fully vaccinated may also be relaxed before August 18. According to the Singapore Government, by that time, 80 percent of the city-population state’s will have been immunized.

A senior minister stated during a parliament session that Singapore will gradually ease international travel with countries that have successfully managed the COVID-19 situation in order to reassert the city-position state’s as a travel, business, and talent hub.

According to reports, while the country will be open to all fully vaccinated tourists beginning in September, the government will instead establish travel corridors with regions or countries where COVID-19 is under control.

Singapore will review a final decision on easing travel restrictions in early August, according to Finance Minister Lawrence Wong. He insisted that the relief would be limited to vaccinated people because they are far better protected against the virus’s effects. He added that if someone wants to work out in the gym or go out to eat, they must also be fully vaccinated.

It is advised that travelers delay booking a trip to Singapore for the time being. While this announcement ensures a bright future for tourism in the country, it is unclear whether India will be included on the list of quarantine-free travel if the September plans are carried out.

Also, given how most travel restrictions have changed over the course of the pandemic, policies are expected to alter at any time.


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