The Best Airlines in the World in 2021, the world’s first safety, product, and COVID-19 rating website for air travel, has announced the World’s Best Airlines for this year. Its Airline Excellence Awards are judged by a group of aviation professionals that look at everything from airline evaluations to COVID-19 processes and environmental leadership to identify who is the best of the best. Each of the following received the highest grades in terms of safety, COVID-19 processes, and quality. Can you guess which airline was named Airline of the Year?

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways was named Airline of the Year this year for a range of high ratings in in-flight innovations, pandemic safety procedures, operational safety, pursuit of quality, and environmental leadership. It also received the Best Business Class, Best In-Flight Catering, and Best Long Haul Middle East/Africa airline awards.

Air New Zealand
For the third year in a row, Air New Zealand was named Best Premium Economy. It was also named the Best Economy Class airline and the Best Long-Haul Airline in the Pacific.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines has been named the Best First Class airline for the third year in a row! It has also been named the Best Long-Distance Airline in Asia/Pacific.

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Qantas is the world’s best regional airline, and it is based in Australia. It was also honored for having the Best Lounges and the Best Domestic Service, both of which it has received for the previous three years.

Emirates earned Best In-Flight Entertainment for the third year in a row, with over 4,500 channels, language learning services with uTalk, music, podcasts, and Wi-Fi.

Southwest Airlines has been crowned the Americas’ Best Low-Cost Carrier. While no seat allocations aren’t ideal, the costs are.

United Airlines
United Airlines is the second American carrier on this list. It was named the Best Long-Haul Airline in the Americas, defeating Delta, who had won the honor for the previous two years.

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EasyJet was named the Best Low Fare Carrier in Europe, succeeding Wizz, which had won the previous two years.

Lufthansa has been named Europe’s Best Long-Haul Airline, a designation it also held last year.

Virgin Australia
Virgin Australia has received the award for Best Cabin Crew for the third year in a row.


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