Eiffel Tower reopens after months; a couple marks the day with marriage proposal

Eiffel Tower, one of the world’s most prominent landmark in France, has reopened to visitors after months. COVID-19 outbreak forced the nation to go into lockdown, subsequently shutting down tourism as well. The tower, also known as the Iron Lady of Paris, is one of the world’s most visited landmark and was last shut in October as France fought pandemic’s second wave.

French people are now elated with the news; one couple marked the reopening of the landmark with a marriage proposal on the top deck. Gopel, a 29-year-old from Germany, marked the day by proposing to his girlfriend, 25-year-old Katja Panke.

Now, as the landmark opens, new rules have been pushed into effect to curb any possible outbreak of COVID, especially in the midst of growing concern over the Delta variant. The number of daily visitors to Eiffel Tower has been capped at 10,000 as opposed to the previous capacity of 25,000 in a day. Further, all visitors over 18 years of age would need to carry proof of full vaccination or a negative COVID test report or proof of recent recovery from the flu.

Photo by Viviana Ceballos on Pexels.com

The reopening has followed French President’s recent announcement of new COVID measures; one of the measures also include mandatorily carrying of COVID health passes if you are stepping out for a number of reasons, including visiting restaurants and cinema halls.

Source: timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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