Top 5 cities – the cheapest urban vacation destinations

If you have been sitting at home and poring over, rather enviously, over all those luxe travel photos on social media, this is for you. When the world is up and about again, and you can travel, there are destinations that will save you money too. Stunning places that are easy on the pocket, and as inviting as ever. Bounce, a popular luggage storage company, conducted a survey to find out the world’s cheapest places for an urban vacation.

The survey is conducted on the basis of five parameters – hotel tariff, meal prices at restaurants, public transport fare, and a bottle each of wine and beer. The five parameters were taken as key measures that go into the making of a good urban vacation.

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Surprisingly, Buenos Aires tops the list, followed by Istanbul, Rio de Janeiro, St. Petersburg and Krakow. The five destinations are great hits with travelers; the survey makes them look all the more alluring now. As per the survey, cheap wine and uber-affordable public transport got Buenos Aires right at the top.

Istanbul, again, is much loved for affordable public transport; Rio made it to the list with its famous draft beer that usually costs $ 1.34.

The same survey also lists the most expensive cities for tourists, with Zurich at the top. Other cities in the list are Reykjavik, Geneva, New York City and London.


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