From 25th Dec Save up to 30% on G Adventure Tours

Get your passport ready as G Adventures are launching their Great Adventure Sale on 25 Dec!

Don’t miss out! Save up to 30% on G Adventure Tours and secure your booking with just $1 deposit! If that wasn’t enough, for a limited period they are offering 21% discount on My Own Room.

To enjoy this offer, book your holiday between 25 and 31 Jan with travel dates on sale right up until March.

Here is a small selection to get you excited:

Costa Rica Quest – Plus – save 21% 

This action-packed tour of Costa Rica’s highlights is perfect for the adventurer with limited time who wants to explore the region’s diversity. Get your adrenaline pumping, follow a trail to the base of a waterfall, melt away in thermal springs, or relax on a beach. Book here!

Explore Greenland and Spitsbergen: Fjords and Glaciers – save 30% 

From exploring Northeast Greenland National Park to taking in frigid ocean horizons to a stop at the community of Ittoqqortoormiit, this journey shows you how those — whether person or polar bear — make the Arctic their home. Book here!

Egypt and Jordan Adventure – save 21% 

Get ready for a wide-ranging adventure showcasing the region’s natural wonders and fascinating cultures. Whether it’s haggling in Cairo’s bustling bazaars or snapping a desert sunset, Egypt and Jordan will be etched into your memory like a hieroglyph. Book here!

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