Onjuku Beach, Japan – our first meeting with the Pacific Ocean

Onjuku beach is located on the east coast of southern Chiba Prefecture in approximately the center of the outer coast of the Bōsō Peninsula.

As I told you in another article, we plan our holidays so that, as far as possible, we can spend if not a few days, at least a few hours at the beach.

palms in onjuku

And the trip to Japan could not be an exception. If initially the thought flew to Okinawa, after we found that the plane tickets on the route Tokyo – Okinawa and return cost almost as much as those from Europe to Tokyo, we had to reorient ourselves. It is true that we had the version with Tokyo DisneySea, but we wanted something real, a beach at sea or ocean. And it was to be the Pacific Ocean with the beach at Onjuku.

in front of palms in onjuku

Onjuku beach is located on the east coast of southern Chiba Prefecture in approximately the center of the outer coast of the Bōsō Peninsula. The landscape consists of rolling, sandy hills of the Bōsō Hill Range, and the town is noted for its beach resorts. Its broad beaches are protected as part of the Minami Bōsō Quasi-National Park.

statue in onjuku beach

“The economy of Onjuku is dominated by summer tourism and commercial fishing; agriculture plays a relatively small role in the economy compared to nearby municipalities. Commercial coastal and off-shore fishing operations are active, with squid and bonito being the most important catches. Ama, or traditional women divers, gather abalone, turban shell (sazae), and spiny lobster, all important parts of the traditional Japanese diet.

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The sandy beaches of Onjuku are the representative swimming areas of the Sotobōsō Coast and attract numerous tourists during the summer months. Tourism in the town began in the Meiji period, and development of the tourism industry continues. Numerous guest houses, ryokan (traditional Japanese inns), and hotels have developed in the area.” – wikipedia

To get to Onjuku we used the train, consuming another one of the five days of free travel by train (including the famous shinkansen or bullet train) included in our Regional Rail Passes. Only on this route We used regional trains. We left Tokyo Central Station, changed to Chiba and arrived in Onjuku with two minutes late. The first impression left on us by the train station in Onjuku, after we got off the train was ….. rural. Maybe that’s because we started in Tokyo. We started walking towards the beach which is at a distance of about 900 meters from the train station.

And, after about 10 minutes, We arrived. Our first meeting with the Pacific Ocean was somewhat shocking. Maybe due to the fact that we had in mind the images of the much more publicized beaches in the Pacific: Hawaii, French Polynesia, etc. A strong, sharp and noisy wind and the cold water quickly brought us to reality

The sand is slightly white and since the beach has big waves, the majority of people you could see were surfers. Even if you haven’t tried surfing yet, seeing people who surf may excite you to learn! There are shops right along the shore where you can rent a surfboard, perhaps making it the best summer experience for you this year! Or bring a coolbox and get ice and drinks at supermarket next to station. Surf, walk, beers and friendly locals! But, if you are not into surfing and would just love to go to relax and to walk along the ocean, Onjuku beach would still be a good place for you. But not to swim!

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