NESSEBAR – Bohemian Old Town from the shores of the Black Sea

Last week we returned from our first pandemic-era journey, if I may say so. The three of us (me, my wife, and the child) were at sea in Bulgaria in Sunny Beach. But it’s not about Sunny Beach, it’s about the old town of Nessebar. If you arrive in the area, you must spend at least one afternoon here.

Located about 120 km from Balchik, Nessebar is a town located on a peninsula 850 m long and 350 m wide, which is reached by an isthmus. During its long existence, it lost 1/3 of its territory, being covered by the sea. Under the water, 80 meters away from the shore, you can still see the remains of the fortress walls. At present, only the western wall with the gate, which protects the mainland city, is preserved. Nessebar is one of the oldest cities in Europe, built on the ancient ruins of the Thracian settlement Mesambria. “Mesambria” means “the city of Melsa”, probably the founder of the settlement, and was given by the Greeks when they colonized the settlement in 510 AD. The patron saint of the city was chosen the god Apollo, the Greeks building a temple and a theater in his honor. From the third century AD, gold coins began to be minted here.

Once in the old town, the white houses with red roofs sprinkled with flowers and the many churches with various architectures will impress you. You will find a romantic peninsula, with fishing boats and drying nets, fishing, and international restaurants.

We walked leisurely on the cobbled narrow alleys, stopping in front of each small shop with souvenirs and other handmade handicrafts, we enjoyed delicious ice cream and we drank a drink on a charming terrace enjoying the picturesque air and feeling like in a medieval city. You can also taste the delicious fish dishes at one of the restaurants that offer you an incredible view of the Black Sea (without any connection between the name and the color of the water)

All in all, it’s a place worth every minute spent here. And, without realizing it, we wandered through Nessebar Old Town for almost half a day …

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