Flexibility matters: Explore deals with free cancellation options from Expedia

Travel is part of us, and even during hard times we can’t stop ourselves from imagining our next trip. Since the future is difficult to predict, one important feature of booking any hotel is free cancellation. Not all hotels offer this perk. It’s important to double-check each hotel. If you see the hotel is marked “free cancellation”, then you can assume that you’ll be able to call off the trip if your circumstances change.

It’s important to us to be able to change the plans. Situations around the world change quickly, and sometimes that means postponing our travel plans or changing them. As long as you make sure that you book with the option to cancel, you’ll be protecting your wallet.
It’s always a good idea to ensure that you can make changes to your travel plans, just in case. To help you get started, we’ve gathered a great selection of hotels through Expedia—all offering free cancellation up to 24 hours before your trip.

Flexible hotel deals

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