Plan now, travel later!

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We all know that right now we can not travel, but this is just a break not an eternity. So I would like to bring to your attention another kind of airline ticket search engine for flights to London, flights to Tokyo or anywhere else. Is about AIRWANDER which offers you a travel mix and a travel planner.

AirWander - Flight Hacking Made Easy

Airwander is a flight metasearch engine that automates the flight combination travel hack to add cheap stopovers to any flight. Turn your flight into a multi-city by adding Extra Destinations! Airwander predicts the cheapest multi-day stopovers for any flight. If you don’t have time for a stopover, you will still be travel hacking using Flight Combinations. These are up to 65% cheaper than standard fares! If you are looking for an epic adventure, choose World-Tour and find the cheapest Round The World flights!

How to use AirWander

Here’s what the press has to say about Airwander:

“Airwander will not only recommend add-on destinations that could save money, it will recommend the most advantageous itinerary for your trip. For example, the site will tell you if it’s better to book four separate one-way tickets with different airlines. Previously, this kind of itinerary would have taken lots of patience and many flight searches to find.” – TRAVEL + LEISURE

“AirWander is a flight search engine that, through a proprietary algorithm and technical wizardry, suggest cheap or, in some cases, free stop-overs on the way to your final destination. You can even select a number of cities and AirWander will find you the best route to them all.” – YAHOO FINANCE

“At last! I’ve waited years for this to exist!” So I’m exceedingly pleased to tell you all about AirWander, a web site built for peripatetic travel junkies like me; one which — at last — allows you to easily search for, and book, multinational flights with multi-day stopovers” – TechCrounch

We assure you that no time is wasted and that it is worth taking a look here:


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