For customers’ convenience, British Airways is testing a new digital navigation tool at London Heathrow

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In an effort to make it easier for customers to navigate London Heathrow, British Airways is testing a new digital navigation tool.

The new technology provides maps of both Terminal 5 and Terminal 3 at London Heathrow, making it easier for passengers passing through the airline’s hub in London to find their departure gate and other important locations like stores, lounges, and restaurants.
Customers can now find their way around the airport with greater assurance, saving time and decreasing the likelihood that they will miss their flight.

Customers can enjoy London Heathrow more easily thanks to the tool’s clear directions and information on the airport’s layout. Customers can click on points of interest, such as stores, on an interactive map to learn more about the location, hours of operation, and descriptions of the products being sold there. Additionally, the technology makes it simple to identify restrooms, seating places, and information hubs. Customers who are connecting between flights can also enter the information for their inbound and connecting flights, which will then display an animated map and step-by-step directions on how to get from the arrival gate to the departure gate of their connecting aircraft.

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Customers traveling through London Heathrow can access the pilot, which started in June, by scanning QR codes displayed on digital screens there or by visiting All passengers flying into London Heathrow and connecting from locations like New York JFK, Dubai, Mexico City, Atlanta, Dallas Fort Worth, and Houston have also received access to navigation as part of the study.

“We always want to make travelling through the airport as easy as possible for our customers, so we’re really excited to be trialling a new wayfinding tool this summer. The interactive map is simple to use, allowing our customers to easily locate their departure gates and discover nearby restaurants and shops for some last-minute duty-free shopping, and for those customers who are eligible, our lounges. Of course, our fantastic colleagues will still be on hand to help as well.”

Calum Laming, British Airways’ Chief Customer Officer

British Airways is providing travelers with the following travel tips for trips over the summer, in addition to investing in new digital navigation technology to make it easier for passengers to navigate London Heathrow: Customers should go to to download the British Airways App. Customers can quickly choose seats, buy specialty meals, check their flight status, check in online for flights, and, if necessary, get their boarding pass using the app.

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Customers should keep all necessary things, including as medications, travel documents, electronics, and other valuables, in their hand luggage. Visit Baggage allowance | Information | British Airways for more details on permitted hand luggage.
It is advised that passengers who are passing through airports with a 100ml liquid restriction, such as London Heathrow and London Gatwick, separate their liquids before they arrive at the airport and have them ready to be placed in a clear bag at the airport before passing through security.

Customers who require assistance are advised to get in touch with the British Airways accessibility staff before departure. Visit for additional details. How to obtain assistance | British Airways’s accessibility information It is advised that passengers get to the airport two hours before a short-haul trip and three hours before a long-haul journey.

British Airways has also introduced digital baggage receipts on the app, enabling users to print a digital version of their baggage receipts that can be easily accessed in addition to the paper version produced at the airport. Customers at London Heathrow can now receive updates when their bag has arrived in the arrivals hall through the app. Customers receiving the message will know which luggage carousel to pick up their bags from, enhancing the flow of their experience from the minute they land in London through the airport and onto their next destination.

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