A free vacation in Finland and the opportunity to learn the art of happiness!

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If you’re fortunate, a free vacation to Finland will teach you the Finnish secret to contentment. Finland was recently designated the happiest nation in the world for the sixth consecutive year by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network.

Yes, Finland is giving 10 travelers from around the world a free four-day holiday in Finland and the opportunity to discover why the nation consistently ranks highest in the world for happiness.

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In June, you can take part in Visit Finland’s Masterclass of Happiness in Finland’s Lake District, the country’s biggest lake region. You only need to sign up and finish a social media challenge where you will be channeling your inner Finn, according to the nation’s main tourism website!

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It will be an in-person workshop with the working title Finding Your Inner Finn. Learn from the best about leading a balanced life in harmony with nature, eating for the body and the spirit, experiencing the forests and surrounding nature in a healthy way, relaxing sounds and music, and much more about the Finnish way of life.

The application for the free vacation in Finland and the opportunity to learn the art of happiness period is available to interested parties until April 2, 2023.
The four-day trip will give you the chance to enjoy some of the finest activities in Finland, including exploring the lake district, staying at Kuru, a luxurious retreat, and taking in some of the country’s most pristine forests.

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Photo by Paul Theodor Oja on Pexels.com

We’ve heard there will also be thrilling activities like foraging for some wild produce in the woodland.
That sounds like a lot of excitement, right?

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