Turkish Airlines launched a “Gift Card” product

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Turkish Airlines, which flies to more nations than any other airline, recently added another special service to the benefits it provides to visitors. Turkish Airlines will provide a brand-new choice for its customers via online channels by releasing the Turkish Airlines Gift Card product.

Turkish Airlines customers will be able to give their loved ones gift cards with flights planned for ten various occasions, such as the New Year, birthdays, Mother’s Day, and more, using the new Gift Card service. The purpose of this new service is to improve the travel experience, support an innovative and digital airline strategy, and boost brand recognition.

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Ahmet Olmuştur, the chief marketing officer for Turkish Airlines, said of the new gift cards: “We are working to offer distinguished services for our guests in every stage of their travels and develop new service models. Our customers will be able to give their loved ones flights on Turkish Airlines to destinations around the globe with the help of this new Gift Card service. We anticipate that the 129 countries that our extensive flight network serves will find this new project to be satisfactory.

Turkish Airlines will also offer Corporate Gift Cards for businesses, giving them the choice to provide their employees, clients, and business partners with a prepaid card that can be used to buy flights from Turkish Airlines as incentives or rewards. These cards will be available in addition to the Individual Gift Cards. Our visitors will also be given a Compensation Gift Card as additional compensation for any travel-related issues.

Visitors can get in touch with Turkish Airlines Gift Card at https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-us/gift-card/gift-card-price-theme/https://www.turkishairlines.com/en-us/gift-card/gift-card-price-theme/

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