Visiting Blue Eye in Albania should be at the top of every traveler’s list

Blue Eye in Albania

The famous Blue Eye (Syri I kaltr) of Albania is a water spring and natural phenomenon that every visitor should see. The beautiful light turquoise river, a popular tourist attraction, dazzles with its beauty.

To get to the famous Blue Eye, which is located near Muzin in Albania’s Vlor County, you’ll need to rent a car. We went with our car, staying in Sarande. Following the signs and crossing the bridge for a small fee of 50 ALL (0.43 euros), you’ll come across a footpath leading to the Blue Eye. The surrounding dense forest and the beautiful light blue river that flows through this natural paradise will first captivate you.

The Blue Eye is situated beneath a small metal balcony

You have a wonderful view from the tiny metal terrace over the Blue Eye. Swimming is prohibited by signs, but that doesn’t stop people from diving right into the icy cold water.

dense forest and the beautiful light blue river

The Blue Eye in Albania is a water spring that produces extremely light blue water bubbles in a pool more than 50 meters deep. You’ll be astounded by how clear the water is, to the point where you can see all the way to the bottom. Also, make sure to follow the sign to Syri I kaltr so you don’t miss out on the real Blue Eye.

When viewed from above, the Blue Eye resembles a human eye. The brilliant blue center resembles a pupil, while the lighter shade of water around it resembles a white iris. The colors are just as beautiful in person as they are in photographs. The Blue Eye’s waters are very clear, and the surrounding vegetation is bright green in the warmer months, emphasizing the blue ‘pupil’ even more.

The water temperature is around 10-13° Celsius, which is extremely cold for a natural spring. This is one of the main reasons why so many people flock to the Blue Eye during the hot summer months.

The Blue Eye is a water spring

Divers have attempted to descend into the Blue Eye to determine its true depth, but it is still unknown how far the mysterious hole extends. The Blue Eye, the first water source of the 25 km Bistric River, is only the beginning of a water path that extends all the way to the Ionian Sea. Of course, the area around the Blue Eye is also significant because it is a nature preserve with beautiful oak and sycamore trees.

There are also cafes and restaurants for tourists who want to spend more time in the area after admiring the Blue Eye. Of course, an important tip for those who prefer to avoid crowds is to visit during the off-season, when there are fewer large tourist groups or early in the morning as we did…

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