To promote tourism, Malta creates the world’s first “Virtual Citizen.”

VisitMalta has created the world’s first Virtual Citizen, named Marija, and unveiled the new concept at a conference hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Consumer Protection to discuss the country’s Digital Tourism Roadmap 2030.

Travelers can talk to Marija in real time via a mobile app and online in several different languages, thanks to the combination of artificial intelligence and a social, interactive program that teaches them about Malta, its history, and more.

Reimagine your trip to Malta

VisitMalta has created the world's first Virtual Citizen
Credit: VisitMalta

Marija’s likeness, which resembles a woman from Malta, was created using hundreds of 2D AI-generated models. Her voice is generated with a Maltese accent in the English version.

“VisitMalta is looking at this project as another opportunity through which the Maltese touristic product is being developed, by becoming more relevant to the 21st century. In a nutshell, Marija will become an experience which is guaranteed to bring together art and artificial intelligence to provide a holistic and exciting human experience.”

Johann Buttigieg, CEO of VisitMalta

“Malta is truly a visionary country. It is a great destination for leisure, fun, business, and innovation. This project was a great testament to the country’s vision and implementation of a solid national digital strategy. We are proud to have worked closely with VisitMalta in creating Marija, a purpose-driven and socially interactive AI-powered virtual being we believe will continue establishing Malta as a true next-generation visitor experience destination. We build the interface between AI and the human experience, and we are incredibly excited to help Marija continue to learn and evolve. Marija is the perfect medium to tell the Maltese story and connect in a meaningful way with everyone who comes in contact with her. AI is the future of storytelling, and Malta is at the forefront of it all.”

David Usher, President of Reimagine

Marija will become smarter over time as a result of her use of artificial intelligence, and she will be able to learn more about how to interact with people. The world’s first virtual citizen is only a month old.

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