A new study reveals the world’s most romantic cities

According to wethrift.com research, London is is the first of the most romantic cities in the world. The English capital outscored Paris, New York City, and Barcelona, with a score of 76.5 out of 80.

With so many celebrity chefs opening restaurants in England’s capital city, it’s no surprise that London has the most romantic restaurants of any city in the world, with 1,909 romantic restaurants listed across the city, according to our data.

There are also more couple-friendly activities in London, 1,053 in total, than anywhere else on the planet. With the hashtag #londonsunset being used 75,498 times on Instagram, London has proven to be an especially perfect place to catch a sunset.

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The top ten most romantic cities in the world are as follows:

  • London – Romance score 76.5/80 
  • Paris – 76.3 
  • Barcelona – 66.1 
  • Tokyo – 65.7
  • New York City – 65.3 
  • Rome – 65.1 
  • Istanbul – 63.5
  • Moscow – 60 
  • Dubai – 58.2 
  • Singapore – 55.5 
barcelona romantic city
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Despite being widely regarded as the most romantic city in the world, Paris has been pipped to the post by its neighboring city across the channel, with the French capital coming in second place with an overall score of 76.3.

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