Weekend in Milano from 81 euro / person with a flight from Bucharest

Milan is hip, urbane, and trendy, with a bustling and businesslike atmosphere rather than the relaxing and refined “dolce vita” found elsewhere; nonetheless, there’s no doubting it retains and flaunts its charm. Designers come here, models make it big (or break it), and it serves as a crossroads between northern Italy, Switzerland, and France. Milan is known for its cutting-edge shops, expensive boutiques, nouveau style cafes, glamorous bars and discos.

Any visit should begin with a visit to the sugar-coated cathedral, one of Europe’s largest and most beautiful Gothic churches. Its ornate white front is stunning, but a walk to the roof, where you can stand among the spires and statues and get a good “up close” look at the gargoyles as well as distant views of the Alps, is even more so. The Castello Sforzesco is up next (also known as the Sforza Castle)

So I found for you a price hard to resist for a weekend in Milan:
Flight: Bucharest – Milan Bergamo, September 17 – September 20 price 12 euros

Accommodation in Milan, September 17 – September 20 from 138 euros per night room – 69 euros per person

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This means a total price of 81 euros per person for a weekend in Milan, departing from Bucharest, September 17-20, 2021

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