Greece welcomes tourists to its beaches starting this month

Greece is gearing up to reopen to international travelers on May 15, and has made plans as to how the beaches will operate henceforth. Beaches of Greece will be operating under new rules and regulations in tune with COVID-19 measures. So if you are planning to enter Greece this summer for a holiday, here are some things that you should know beforehand.

Greece has asked all its beach bar employees, and as well as resort staff to undergo COVID-19 test, and it is mandatory for them to wear masks at all times when on duty. The beach umbrellas and loungers will be placed at least 4 meters apart from one another, and they should be disinfected often throughout the day.

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Moreover, the government in Greece has also ruled that playing music at beach bars, restaurants, regular bars, and cafes will be prohibited so that guests do not have to raise their voices, which may then lead to the spread of the virus.

The good news is that the country has listed 30 countries, whose citizens are not required to quarantine if they can provide a COVID-19 negative report of a test that was taken no more than 72 hours before departure. They may also furnish vaccine certificates if they have been vaccinated.

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Apart from beaches, the country is also opening up its museums, theaters, and open-air cinemas. Tourists will once again be seen in this much celebrated destination, but visitors must never forget that there is an ongoing pandemic. Travelers must follow the country’s rules when it comes to public health, even if they have tested negative, or have been vaccinated.


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