Round trip flights from Milan to Tokyo from €371 (Sep 2021 – Nov 2021)

Tokyo it is a city that amazes and delights you, equally, from the first to the last minute spent here. 

So, if you want a visit to the Land of the Rising Sun, you can do it with a cheap round trip flight Milan – Tokyo from 371 Euros


Milan – Tokyo – Milan

Travel dates:

September 2021 – November 2021

Some Examples:

1 September 2021 – 14 September 2021

14 September 2021- 25 September 2021

2 October 2021 – 17 October 2021

27 October 2021 – 8 November 2021

1 November 2021 – 13 November 2021

  • Please note that while this fare is valid at time of posting

Details about prices and availability of accommodation in Tokyo, find here!

A guide to the Tokyo subway can be read here!

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