Best time to visit Mallorca

Most holidaymakers choose the summer months for a beach holiday in Mallorca- and it is important to know when it is best time to visit Mallorca. However mild winters with pleasant temperatures make the island a year round destination.

Best travel time for active holidays in spring

If you are planning a trekking tour through the Serra de Tramuntana or cycling along the winding roads, you should plan a holiday in Mallorca in the spring. Daytime temperatures of between 19 and 24 degrees make April and May the most popular months. Although the Mediterranean may not be at an optimum bathing temperature, you can paddle in the water during walks on the beach, which is can be around 17 degrees. Most shops and hotels in resorts reopen in April. In spring, self-caterers can take advantage of low prices for apartments and houses. Starting in June, prices for accommodation on the island will increase significantly as the main season gets under way.

Summer: Best travel time for beach holidays

The main season in Mallorca starts in June, when daytime temperatures are already scratching at the 30 degree mark and the waters of the Mediterranean have warmed up to 21 degrees. In July and August, you can bank on up to 10 hours of sunshine per day. The summer has very little rainfall and this time of year attracts sunbathers and water lovers to the island, who live it up on the fine sandy beaches. July and August is Mallorca’s busiest time.

Most hotels, guesthouses, holiday homes and apartments are fully booked. This is also due to the fact that formerly popular travel destinations such as Turkey, Tunisia or Egypt have become too unsafe for many tourists. In summer, the daytime temperatures in Mallorca are constantly between 30 and 35 degrees. The highest water temperatures are measured in August, when the seawater rises to levels of up to 25 degrees.

Winter alternatives

In winter, Mallorca offers a contrast to the hectic days of the summer months. The bustling resorts fall into a deep sleep and most shops and restaurants close. Winter is the best time to travel for people who appreciate the solitude of the beaches and mountains of Mallorca. With daytime temperatures of between 12 and 17 degrees, the year-round open golf courses are a very pleasant spot to tee off in front of a dream backdrop. Snow is very rare and with the beginning of the almond blossom in February, whole areas of land turn into a pink sea of flowers.

Relaxed holidays in the postseason

By mid to late September, the majority of holidaymakers have left Mallorca and the resorts gradually calm down. The water temperatures of the Mediterranean are still above the 20-degree mark until October and are perfect for snorkelling. This is also the ideal time for sightseeing or shopping in the old town of Palma, or stopping for a quiet swim at one of the beaches. While the narrow streets are sweltering in the summer, the temperatures in the autumn have a pleasant late summer feel. Bike rental stations are open in most places until the beginning of November. Rent a mountain bike or a touring bike and explore the enchanting coastal regions on two wheels. As we enter the very back end of the season, prices in hotels and restaurants fall significantly. Even self-catering apartments and houses are much cheaper than in July or August.

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