KLM Suspends All Long-Haul And Some European Flights

Dutch carrier KLM will suspend 270 flights to the Netherlands after the country’s government imposed new requirements to try to stop the spread of the coronavirus. KLM will suspend all long-haul flights and several short-haul flights on Friday due to the new Covid-19 requirements set by the Dutch government on Friday (January 22, 2021).

On Wednesday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced additional measures in the fight against coronavirus, including a temporary ban on flights to the United Kingdom, South Africa and South American countries, pending a new quarantine law.

Travelers must also take a quick test before traveling to the Netherlands, followed by a standard PCR test on arrival, which Rutte called a “double door lock”.

However, KLM sees many problems with this mandatory rapid testing policy, saying it is now impossible to operate intercontinental flights. All the more so as staff must also be tested in this way.

“We cannot risk our employees being stuck somewhere. That’s why we stop all intercontinental flights on Friday and all flights to European destinations where crew members have to spend the night, “the company said.

“That the crew must test negative for the COVID test before re-entering the Netherlands is a death sentence for the airline,” Reinier Castelein of De Unie told Dutch media, adding that canceling these long-distance flights long will cost thousands of (airline) jobs.

This also applies to cargo and repatriation flights, according to the airline.

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