Journey in the Maldives. Journey, not holiday

Unfortunately, in the imagination of many of us, the Maldives are associated with luxury, money and resorts. Well no …. it is not so … the Maldives are much more … And to understand what I mean, I will tell you the story of a woman who fell in love so much with the charm of these places that she decided to start a new life here. Together with her whole family: her husband and two wonderful children.  Her first contact with these islands was on a vacation. Since then he has felt an immense love for these islands and a desire to know the inhabitants and their customs, not only the ocean and the beaches.

Paola from Maldives

Her name is Paola, and 11 years ago she became an “adopted Maldivian.” In her previous life she lived in a delightful village in Brianza, Italy……. Some time ago, fate chose a different path for her, by chance (or maybe not), taking her to this paradise of small grains of white sand scattered in the Indian Ocean, Maldives.

Initially she moved with the whole family, although, along the way, they got a bit lost … Meanwhile, her husband and then her two children have come to the conclusion that it is better for them to return to Italy.

Now, Paola enthusiastically manage her small business which means two Guest Houses in paradise. I mean actually in Vashafaru, Haa Alif Atoll, Maldives.

maldives athols

Here is how she describes the spirit of the Maldives, a spirit she seems to have fully understood:

“… the Maldives are life and not just white beaches, crystal clear sea of ​​a thousand shades, lush green palm trees …. the Maldives are made  of smiles, of curious children who touch your white skin, of women who at dawn tidy up the sandy streets of the village with brushes made of palm leaves, of men in sarongs who with their dhoni (classic Maldivian wooden boat) leave  in the morning to go fishing.

boat in maldives
maldives beach

The Maldives are their cuisine made of simple ingredients, the garudhya their main dish which is nothing but fish broth with rice, roshi and massuni that they consume for breakfast or a mix of tuna, lime, onion and grated coconut combined  a piadine, of fish left to dry in the sun and then again their customs and traditions.

The Maldives are their cuisine made of simple ingredients

The Bodu Beru for example which literally means “big drum” that they use and play in a divine way singing and dancing.

maldives clear water

Here, these are the Maldives that I love to introduce to my customers …. because I want people to learn about this people and not just the beauty that surrounds them.

The guest house I manage is absolutely simple and inserted in the Maldivian context, on an island that fortunately has not yet been touched by mass tourism and therefore still real and wild.

maldives beach

But this type of holiday is not suitable for everyone, it takes a spirit of adaptation and a desire to know, discover and share … you share …. because with us you eat together and stay together like a big family  but if you want to have your own privacy, nothing denies it.

In short, it is nice to rediscover human contact and I am always pleasantly satisfied and happy when the people who met here continue their friendship even after returning.

 As I like to call it, ours is a JOURNEY within a HOLIDAY.”

If you suddenly missed an unforgettable experience in the Maldives, here are Paula’s contact details:


Phone: +9609839788

Facebook page: Semplicemente Maldive con Paola

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