How to get to Muiderslot Castle from Amsterdam with no ferry!

When we visited Amsterdam, one of the points that we had on the “must to do” list was to visit Muiderslot Castle located about 15-16 km from the city.

“The most beautiful and best Kept medieval castle in the Netherlands” – this is the main description on their official website. But not about the castle itself we will talk today, but about how you get there from Amsterdam. The prices for acces are 15.5 euros / adult and 9 euros for children (4-11 years)  (Unless you have a previously purchased tourist card that includes free admission or a discount).

The most beautiful and best Kept medieval castle in the Netherlands - Muiderslot Castle

The first thought was to take the Amsterdam tourist ferry, but these only run between April and October and, being a single race per day, there are limited places. We did not rent the car, so we had to deal with the Amsterdam public transport. What seemed very complicated at first glance was very simple and efficient.

The starting point is Amstelstation in Amsterdam where you arrive by subway depending on the departure point in the city. From the bus station, from platform A5 take bus 320  Connexxion company. Tickets are purchased from the driver. The most efficient is to buy a ticket on all Connexxion lines for a day at the price of 7.4 euros. Travel 6 stations and get off at Muiden P + R terrein. From here take bus 110 two stations to Muiden, Centrum (for which the same day ticket purchased in Amstelstation is valid).  From here to the castle there are 950 meters that you will have to walk on foot. But it will be worth it, because Muiden is a small town, very cute and stylish, and the walk through the center to the castle will be a delight. You can even stop at one of the restaurants on the canal and enjoy the view while enjoying a coffee.

Muiden, Centrum