Puerto Rico Has Launched A New Travel Campaign Called “Population: YOU”

Discover Puerto Rico, the island’s non-profit destination marketing organization, has launched a new travel campaign called “Population: YOU” which highlights eight of the island’s lesser-known attractions and natural wonders.

Throughout the month of August, the campaign will post images of each attraction, along with GPS coordinates, on its website, Facebook, and Instagram pages. Followers can then guess where these attractions are and discover these hidden gems when they visit the island. Social media influencers will also help spread the word about these destinations.

Discover Puerto Rico has also released a video about the new campaign, which was created to focus on socially distant and environmentally conscious places because many travelers want to travel safely and responsibly.

A beautiful waterfall in El Yunque National Forest, a deciduous forest rife with pinecones in Toro Negro State Forest, a mysterious canyon, an uninhabited island, a beautiful beach cave, and other attractions are available.

“Travelers have developed a newfound appreciation for traveling consciously, and Puerto Rico is the ideal destination for those who want to reconnect with nature, but not the crowds. Through ‘Population: YOU,’ we encourage the exploration of the Island’s natural resources safely and responsibly. American travelers will quickly realize that Puerto Rico has the allure of an exotic destination with the ease and convenience of not needing a passport”

Brad Dean, CEO of Discover Puerto Rico

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