Reach Paris from Amsterdam in 90 minutes? It is hyperloop future of travel and the end of the planes?!

Swifter than trains, safer than cars and far less damaging to the environment than planes, the Dutch province of North Holland believes the hyperloop might be the future. A study carried out by a Dutch technology startup, Hardt Hyperloop, in collaboration with the province, has found the hyperloop couldreduce commuting times from Amsterdam to Paris, … Continue reading Reach Paris from Amsterdam in 90 minutes? It is hyperloop future of travel and the end of the planes?!

Cosmic Reef – Hubble telescope delivers stunning picture

It's 30 years ago to the day that the Hubble telescope was launched - and to celebrate its birthday, the veteran observatory has produced another astonishing image of a firestorm of starbirth in a neighboring galaxy.

What should travel agencies do?!

*English version below Ce ar trebui sa faca companiile de turism?! Am tot vazut zilele astea, in contextul raspandirii globale a noului coronavirus, un mesaj propagat in social media care ne indeamna sa nu anulam rezervarile ci sa le reprogramam astfel incat sa salvam turismul! La prima vedere este un mesaj nobil, constructiv si mobilizator. … Continue reading What should travel agencies do?!

Traveling … without leaving the house!

* versiunea in limba romana mai jos!Is it possible? Probably not, it is the answer that comes instinctively. But...The idea of this article came to me while I was sitting at home thinking how all this craziness with the coronavirus stopped the trips. I'm not saying it's not a rational, welcome reaction, just that the … Continue reading Traveling … without leaving the house!

My first joint … and most likely the last!

* versiunea in limba romana mai jos Amsterdam is a city that offers you many opportunities to try new experiences. And when I say experiences, I have a clear sense of the word!Here you can make a simple visit or more than that in the Red Light District, you can legally smoke cannabis in coffee … Continue reading My first joint … and most likely the last!

What I didn’t like in Bali!

Bali, Island of the Gods ...Trying to describe the beauty of the place with a few more or less successful photos is easy. However, it is complicated to describe the lust for life, the positive, delightful energy of the people here, energy from which, without wanting to, take something with you when you leave the … Continue reading What I didn’t like in Bali!

Don’t forget about the tides!

* Versiunea in romana mai jos. Every time when We go on a vacation We try to plan the excursion such that We go to a beach. If is possible. In July in Tokyo it was ... we were at the beach in Onjuku, but I couldn't get in the water because the ocean was … Continue reading Don’t forget about the tides!