From 2024, the Philippines will begin offering tax refunds to foreign tourists

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A new Philippines tax refunds related initiative has been unveiled to encourage travel to the nation. According to news reports, in an effort to increase tourism, President Ferdinand Marcos has approved a value-added tax return program for foreign visitors by 2024. The Presidential Communications Office stated the same (PCO)

To enter the UK, you will soon need to obtain a British entry permit document

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The United Kingdom (U.K.) will soon require incoming international visitors to get a British entry permit document known as the Electronic Travel Authorisation UK in order to fulfill its goal of fully automating border procedures by 2025. (ETA UK).

The Ukraine war has brought the “Doomsday Clock” closer than ever to midnight

Earth has gotten closer to Armageddon with Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the threat of nuclear war, according to a nonprofit that promotes science, bringing its infamous "Doomsday Clock" up to just 90 seconds before midnight.