The 90-day limit for British visitors is something Spain wants to abolish, allowing them to stay there indefinitely

aerial photography of city

Spain wants to remove the 90-day restriction on visitors from the UK and let them remain there indefinitely. Visitors from outside the EU are only permitted to stay in the Schengen region for 90 days out of every 180 days.

Public access to a century-old tunnel under Niagara Falls

waterfalls near gray paved road surrounded by green leaf trees during daytime

In an unexpected twist, a tunnel under Niagara Falls, built more than a century ago is now open to the public. Visitors will be able to enjoy a different and unique view of the grounds as well as learn about the fascinating history of a power station that once stood beneath the region.

The Scotland-Europe ferry service will resume next year, but there is a catch

white building beside body of water

A direct ferry connection between Scotland and mainland Europe will reopen next year. Travelers between Scotland and Europe must currently rely on flights or a multi-leg train journey. However, passengers may soon have another, more environmentally friendly option.

The emperor penguin has been listed as a threatened species. Is it necessary to remove Antarctica off the tourist route?

colony of emperor penguins on land

It is as real as it gets and climate change is no joke. In yet another report, emperor penguins in Antarctica, which have been classified as a threatened species, are being affected by climate change. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service classified these adorably adorable flightless birds to be vulnerable species last week under the Endangered Species Act.

This airline is awarding prizes to passengers who choose the middle seat

empty blue airplane seats

If you fly in economy and get the most uncomfortable seat, the middle seat, it will make your journey even more comfortable. As a result, it becomes one of the dreaded horrors that most people try to avoid at all costs — the dreaded middle seat.