Zimbabwe is the most popular wedding destination in 2022

Zimbabwe in Southeast Africa takes first spot, with a 56 percent rise in searches year over year. It is a destination that can fulfill any couple's vision for their big day, with so much to offer. Whether the soon-to-be-wed couple wants to tie the knot at a safari resort and have elephants in the background of their wedding photos, or they want the stunning views of the banks of Lake Kariba, Zimbabwe checks all the boxes.

Things to do in the UK for free or on the cheap over the Easter holidays

Look no further for ideas on how to keep the kids entertained over the Easter break without breaking the bank. With the rising cost of living putting a strain on household finances, we've compiled a list of things you can do on a budget. Continue reading for advice on how to save money on travel for a day at the beach and how to get cheap theater and movie tickets.

The best European beaches

Europe is endowed with some of the most breathtaking coastlines on the planet. Driftwood walkways through the sand dunes, charming seaside villages, and harbours brimming with sailing boats and wine glasses, making it difficult to choose the best europe beach holiday. We've compiled a list of the best beaches destinations in Europe to make you fall in love with it all over again.

If you’re looking for some peace and relaxation, check out these places

A relaxing vacation can not only relax you, but it can also cleanse your thoughts, leaving you feeling completely renewed when it's time to return to the real world. Isn't that the whole point of vacationing in the first place?

Slow Travel’s Ascension: Where to Go for Meaningful Travel Experiences Around the World

Slow travel is defined as experiences that focus on connecting travelers with the places they visit and the people they meet. A vacation that has an emotional and cultural impact while also having a low environmental impact.

Luxury, Unique and Stylish Hotels in Croatia

Croatia is home to some of Europe's most beautiful landscapes, impressive architecture, and natural treasures, as well as some of the best vacation spots. Croatia has a plethora of luxury hotels, including castles, that can transform your ordinary vacation into something truly opulent and ultra-special.

For tourists visiting Israel, this Dead Sea beach provides a salty sanctuary

This beach in southern Israel is open to the public and is 430 meters below sea level, making it the lowest point on the planet. Ein Bokek beach on the western shores of the Dead Sea is a favorite of wellness seekers looking for a healing swim due to its mineral-rich, saline waters.